LMNOPuppets - as fun to say as it is to type into YouTube

LMNOPuppets was founded in 2017 and we spent our first year touring amazing puppet shows like The Readles, Planet Preschool, and Better Bust Big Ben Bermuda to schools throughout the Front Range. Entering the 2018-19 school year, we received feedback from schools that what would be even more beneficial than live puppet shows would be educational puppet videos to help fill in gaps in curriculum and resources. Since our Executive Director, Matt Bethune, has worked for over a decade in the world of television puppetry, writing, and directing for awesome things like Sesame Street, Universal Kids, Cartoon Network, and the Hershey Company (mmm...free chocolate), we jumped at the chance to work on those valuable resources.

And then we had to tell the puppets. They wept puppet tears at the thought of not getting to perform in front of live audiences anymore until we told them we'd still get them out in the community where they'll shoot videos in classrooms and all the beautiful locations our state has to offer WITH Colorado kids.

We have a goal of creating 50 educational videos by the end of the 2019-2020 school year, all made available freely to schools, children, and parents through our YouTube channel and website. With the generous support of corporate sponsors, grant funders, and individuals, we'll reach that goal and beyond.