Better Bust Big Ben BERMUDA - K-5th grade

Big Ben Bermuda, the world’s greatest thief, has stolen your school's most beloved item. Under the guidance of world famous detective Jessica Gumshoe, it will be up to your elementary students (who play junior detectives on their first case) to use their critical thinking skills and follow Big Ben around the world, solving clues and completing tasks in order to track him down and regain their beloved item.

Better Bust Big Ben Bermuda is an immersive theater experience which means K-5th grade students aren't just passively watching a show, they're active participants tracking down the world's most infamous thief. The show teaches geography and English language arts in an extremely fun, interactive way and includes handouts to continue the learning back in the classroom.


THE READLES - LIVE At the library - pre-K - 5th grade

The greatest band in the land, The Readles, are on tour and they want to come to YOUR library. John Readin', Vol(demort) McCartney, George Reads-to-his-son, and Booko Mark play hits like, I Wanna Read a Book, Yellow Library, and She Loves Books, share some of their favorite stories, and even work with the audience to come up with a new song to perform at the end of the concert. 

The Readles - Live at the Library, is a 45 minute puppet show that is sure to have Preschool - 5th graders dancing in the aisles while their parents and grandparents smile along to our literacy themed parodies of the Beatles familiar hits. Although specially designed for the 2018 Summer Library Reading Theme, Libraries Rock, The Readles can easily be adapted for elementary or preschools as well.  

PLANET preschool

It's just another ordinary day in space aboard the USS Preschool until the ship's captain presses the "Do Not Push" button, bringing the ship, and all the preschoolers aboard it, crashing onto a strange new planet. While the ship is being fixed, your beloved preschoolers run into an alien race who are students at their own preschool - one far different from any on earth.  Luckily, our audience of preschool astronauts are perfectly equipped with all the knowledge necessary to teach the aliens how to play together, share, cleanup, and more the Earth way.   

Planet Preschool is an immersive theater experience which means preschool students aren't just passively watching a show, they're active participants teaching alien puppets how to do many common preschool tasks. The show empowers preschoolers to be good ambassadors, modeling the behavior you want to see in your classroom, and also teaching about our solar system and beyond.